Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Graze Box Review

Hey hey heyy

First off let me just say that I haven't been asked or paid to give this company praise this is my true opinion.


I recently got my first Graze Box (which was free) and boy oh boyyyy was I impressed.
I'm going to show you what I got in the box and how to get one of your own for free (just keep reading to the end). 
It's not a trap or a scam, I promise! 
I just want you to see everything you can get before you try it.
Happy reading x

Tuesday, 19 February 2013


Hey guys!

I've decided to start doing a gym vlog which will help me track my progess and help you to see what kind of workouts you can try.

I haven't been that dedicated to the gym lately so as today was my first day back I was trying to take it easy (but not too easy) so I looked online for some treadmill workouts as I'm focusing on cardio to burn some body fat. A 40 min workout is more than decent enough to start the weight loss journey and the bare minimum I think I can get away with to get results. 
I used to do 15 or 20min jogging sessions but I find this interval training not as hard on my body but still efficient enough cause trust me, I felt it!! The walking intervals stopped me from feeling like I'm dying. Also I researched and came to the conclusion that 20mins is not gonna cut it if I wanna get a nice flat stomach.

Interval Training

Here is the workout for "beginners" who don't run very often, if ever and "seasoned trainers" aka people that run on a treadmill regularly, but want to take it easy with this workout.


If you don't understand how the chart works i'll explain. 

On the left is the time you will be doing each bit of running so for the first 5 mins (0:00 to 5:00) you will do running at a speed of 3.0 (which you will see on the treadmill that you can control) and Incline 1 (which will also be on the treadmill and is how much the treadmill is at an angle and how hard it will work your legs) and so on. Pretty simple. But a workout that you can feel most definately.

I would stick to the incline that is set (1) if you haven't really ran before because you can injure your knees if you put too much stress on them straight away.

Consult a doctor if you have any worries before starting this.

Keep checking back for my next vlog!