Sunday, 14 October 2012

SHOPPING HAUL! (Picture heavy)

Hey guys sorry it's been a while since I posted I've just been trying to work on things I'll be putting on here but anyway let me get started!

I went shopping in Bristol recently & here's the goodies I bought :) 
 Firstly I stopped off at superdrug in Weston Super-Mare and bought the Lo'real Super Liner - Perfect slim.
I was aiming to get the maybelline Studio liner but I went completely off track and got excited by this one.

Lo'real Super Liner (Perfect Slim)
£5.99 - Superdrug & most drugstores

Okay then I went to my favourite shop LUSH (cause I haven't in a while) and took a look at what they had to offer.

I was looking at things in general then thought why not try a cleanser and toner. The extremely helpful shop assistant took me through what they have and I asked what does she think will suit my combination/oily skin and here is what she suggested.
£6.75 45g
 This cleanser is really nice!
It has the texture of cocoa butter formula (the more oily one) and feels like I'm putting moisturiser on my skin because it's so rich. When I massaged it into my face I felt like I was in heaven.
Smells soooo good as well.
Tea Tree Water
£3.95 100g
 This toner is really nice. It feels really fresh when spritzed on the skin and when used to take off the cleanser it leaves my face feeling clean and soft. Considering the cleanser is so oily I'm left with 0 residue and a really baby soft feeling to my face.

£12.50 45g

The shop assistant gave me a tester of this moisturiser because I didn't even think to buy any even after she suggested it! Silly me.
I like it but because there's such a small amount in the tub I felt like I never got enough on my face each time I used it, but as always it smelt divine and wherever I applied my skin felt smooth and nourished.

I had a look around loads of clothes shops but I felt I was getting the "everything is the same" vibe which really put me off. I can't stand everyone dressing exactly the same (nothing wrong with it) but having a bit of a unique flair is always nice. So I only got a couple things.

This is my first big buy of the day. A coat from a small boutique called William Frances. It cost £125 so not cheap but it's the only one that's ever been made so I'm happy.

The position I put it in does it no justice so here's some pictures of me wearing it

Here's a close up of the coat

And here's the last two things I bought which I wont go on about lol.

Acid wash skinny jeans - Miss Selfridge - £20 in sale
Suede leopard print thick soled hi-tops - Schuh - £32

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