Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Losing weight the easier way!

Hey guysss

Sorry it's been a while I've had writers block and been extremely lazy with my blog.
It's a new year though and I'm looking to get this going properly with the help of you lovely readers.
Happy new year by the way and happy reading!

I was just watching Horizon - The truth about exercise, and I saw something that related to me greatly. 

Hardly moving in a day and spending less than an hour in the gym thinking I'm going to get my great looking body ASAP. Sounds so great in my head..

But it isn't. Your body slows down from not moving very often and makes losing weight a lot harder.

On this program a doctor said that we should all be moving constantly. Every hour should involve some sort of movement otherwise our bodies go into "idle mode". The guy testing the theory out had 500 extra calories being burned in a day just by making sure he doesn't have those sitting down periods and keeping moving. 500!

It's not hard but it's not necessarily easy. All in all it's another way to get our bodies the way we want it and requires no sweating really unless you do some mini exercises in-between.

No excuses! And if you are struggling finding something to do then here are some ideas.

- Clean, wash dishes, hoover.. 
Hoovering as you should know can make you break into a proper sweat which is good!! Just make sure you switch arms so they both get a workout.

- Do some clothes washing (even though you are only moving the clothes you are still moving!)

- Ironing (Switch arms)

- Rearrange your place/room

- Go for a walk or walk somewhere you would usually take a bus to. Work, friends, shopping! etc. (as long as it's not too far)

- Randomly do some on the spot cardio (Starjumps/Jumping jacks, Knee-Ups, Jogging on the spot) 
This takes it out of you believe me.

Another good idea is if you tend to watch a lot of TV then everytime an Ad break comes on do some sort of exercise. May not seem like much but it adds up!

I'm gonna do it and you should too x

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